Bose QC 35II Wireless Headphones

QC 35II Wireless Headphones. Check out this details review.

Bose QC 35II Wireless Headphones has active noise cancellation which is in the top 3 headphones we use. Bose QC 35II estimate price $300-$349. Check Latest Price Pricing competitors: Sennheiser PXC-550: $350, Sony WH-1000XM2: $348, Beats Studio 3 Wireless: $349. You will get Intake boxed. In the box a quick user guide, mate foam cover, a headphone cover box and Bose QC 35II. So let’s start our review.

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Stress & Weight Check:

First of all, we talk about physical feel with QC 35II, It’s much better to set on your head. It’s very flexible & very much lightweight. Even when we are stress test QC 35II we don’t see any miss-match or broken issues. It’s just very squashing, playful and pooping.

Best Price Buy Now Bose QC 35ii

It’s amazing to build quality and using top quality materials, and then we just check Bose QC 35II weight and then it’s just super lightweight only 235 gm. This is one of the lightest wonders active noise cancellation headphones that we test. It’s looking very smooth soft and super leather finish head top of the band and it’s totally finished with matte black which makes it more premium. The design of the earpad is very softy squashes you can remove the ear pad clean and use.



You will get a small sliding tap on the right side of this headphone. When you need to on Bluetooth pairing mode you just slide it to the right side. You will get the volume up button, Multifunction Play/Pause/Skip and Volume down button under the right side of your headphone. Using Bluetooth or NFC you will get easy notifications on your phone. Here using USB 2.0 charging point where other headphones brand using type C charging USB port but we think it’s not a big issue.


Battery Life:

Competitor Battery Life And Bose QC 35II.
Sennheiser PXC550– 30 HRS, Sony 1000XM2– 30 HRS, Beats Studio 3 Wireless– 22 HRS, We claimed Bose QC35II– 20 HRS but actual: 23 HRS, 22 MIN. Bose QuietComfort QC 35II Wireless Headphones, has another more features there is rapid recharging capacity. If your headphone is dead just recharge 15min to 2.5 hours playback. There is left button ANC/Google Assistant: For active Google Assistant press the button and hold than new set up your Google Assistant from your phone press next Configuring. You can control your music, voice SMS, Web and App Activity, Device Information, Voice & Audio Activity, Youtube Search History, Google location & notification a few examples you can do.

We test a phone call to know the phone call sound clarity and background noise. The performing with active noise cancellation is sound quality completely good as our expectation. When you are disabled ANC you can hear outside sound or what happens to surround you and when you turn on ANC you just completely out from any out noise or sound. You will get a true bass system with QC 35II. For the lightweight of this headphone you can use it for a long time when you are traveling or hang out in a coffee shop. Bose QC35II not much pressure your head or on your ears. It’s batter audio experience batter sound clarity and detail feel. This is the best headphone for professionals or for a music lover..


Last Thought:

May bose QuietComfort (QC) 35II review help you to know about these things. This Bose QC 35II is now $300-$349 in the market. It is a high-frequency bass system, ANC, Pure sound clarity, eardrum, simple size, classic look make it more attractive. So it not will be good you spend your money on the old Bose QC 35. Bose QC 35II is 10x time batter than QC 35. So if you want a lightweight or traveling headphone we personally recommend you to buy this one and feel the difference. Here we put an Amazon purchase link bellow you can buy from this link.

Best Price Buy Now Bose QC 35ii