Google Home Vs Amazon Echo Select Right One

Google Home Vs Amazon do you confused which one is best?

Google Home Vs Amazon. If you really confused which is the right one for you. This post is made for you. This post will help you to pick the right one for you. You hear two most popular voice assistants, Alexa and Google. It’s really hard to pick one from these two black ship voice assistants, both are intelligent and great response and sound system. Amazon Echo now in its third generation. Let’s know how they’re similar and how they are different I can help you to give some well-information. Then you can select the right one for you.

Amazon Echo:

Amazon Echo

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Amazon Echo now third-gen available in the market. And it has a cylindrical shape also and they have four colors heather gray, sandstone, charcoal, and a new twilight blue. You will get the Echo dot mini version of the Echo the mini version is the same as the Echo only the Dot is smaller and cheaper. The Echo price around $35 and up and Google Home costs the same. You can get a lower price of google home because it’s an older product. You can ask anything, what you want to know or what you want to do Alexa can help you when you ask to control your smart devices and also ask for the weather, weekend, set timers, play the game, set reminders, set dinner bell, online shopping when you are going out your toilet paper or hand sanitizer or dish wash just say Alexa my dish wash or hand sanitizer is going out. Then it will place an order from the Amazon store. Alexa can work with more than 60000 smart home products. The Alexa is a virtual assistant associated with amazon echo. You can also change voice and different accents or languages..

Google Home:

Google Home

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Google home it’s another one most popular voice assistant. Its design is more premium shaped like a cylinder it looks like a dehumidifier. Superb Sound system you will get extra bass system. These bases are available in carbon and copper metal. The google home three types of size google home max, home mini, and home regular. Google home max is a Little expensive from the regular size cause of batter sound system. Google home mini version is cheaper from the original google home. Google home price $34 and up which is a little cheaper from amazon echo. This virtual assistant is user-friendly and another interesting thing is you can change the voice female to male with a different language, it is multilingual which means you can speak more than one language and it acts as a real-time translator. Google home also capable of multiple actions and features you can ask more than one question at once. Google Home supports more than 30000 products which makes its compatibility level.

We describe a little different from the Amazon Echo and Google Home. This two kings virtual assistant is really hard to defer but we can tell you. The google home voice assistant is smarter than Alexa. But the echo is still a leading position for the especially superior audio system.

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