Samsung Gear S3 10 Cool Things

You must need to know Samsung Gear S3 10 cool things.

Hello guys!! Welcome to the Candy Gadget product review website. Let’s talk about 10 cool things that can you do with Samsung Gear S3 Frontier smartwatch. So let’s get started to know about these cool features!  Gear S3 full specification here…


  1. Screenshot.

Yes! any time you can take a screenshot with this device. To take a screenshot simply press the menu button and swipe right on the screen just take a screenshot. If you want to access this screenshot go to the apps and look for a gallery app and that’s it there you go. In the gallery app, you see the screenshot here. No, you can share this screen with your mobile phone with the menu button press menu button and then select your phone that’s it.

Next cool thing.


  1. Home Button Shortcuts

If you want to know your recent apps use or want to access shortcuts your apps than double press the home button here you see all recent use apps. Here you can close them individually or you can close all apps by the press on the screen (close all). How to access this features setting just go to settings apps and look for device press the device option then select double press home key option and select anyone from the applications that you want shortcut apps or all different functions to launch double press the home button.


  1. Gloves Mode.

When your device touches with the normal mode you can access it only with your figure without any gloves. And when you setup your device touch gloves mode you will be accessing your watch even when you wear gloves. Let’s do this. Go in the setting menu then go to the device then select touch sensitivity select one that’s all. No, you can access with gloves.

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  1. Auto Apps.

Auto opening the apps just go in the menu and select settings and go to device go down and select Auto open apps done this all. Now scroll and stay on any app just blink a moment and auto access it.


  1. Background Color.

Change your watch face background color. Just go to the menu, settings then go to style there is a lot of options you will see than just select Background style nowhere different cool color you will see just scroll down and select any one and done go back. The next cool thing about this device is basically Samsung has built is fully featured fitness tracker of this device. This device is not just a Smartwatch. It’s a fully fitness featured tracker as well. We will make another blog on fitness featured just today we will be talking about cool things.


  1. S-Health.

Go to the menu and go to S-health app than scroll to the end than go to settings and scroll down select Health nudges. Now here you will see Inactive time turn this on. So what you will do with it. Gear S3 will remind you when you are working a long period of time it will ask you over Stretch, Move around, Walking, etc.


  1. Automatic Workout Detection.

Here this cool feature is also related to the S-health app. So you can access the S-Health app one again and scroll to the end than select settings then scroll to the Walking/Running turn it on. Here you will get Cycling, Elliptical trainer, Rowing machine, Dynamic Workout, Help. So what will happen if you turn on it when you are doing any one of this activity this watch will be tactile automatically and will start tracking your activity automatically.


  1. Send Content To Gear.

This cool thing is related to the gear app on your smartphone. To access your phone gear app in gear app go to settings tab then select send content to gear, here you will see Music, Auto-sync, Select photos, Auto-sync, Albums to sync. So albums to sync are actually syncing on your phone. All of your watch photos will sync to your phone automatically, it’s the same for music as well.


  1. Find My Gear.

The next cool feature is related to the gear app on your smartphone. Open gear app from your phone select setting then select Find My Gear and press find the icon to start. It will be ringing your smartwatch. Press the close button from your smartwatch. Even you can also control your watch by phone Control remotely just turn it on.

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  1. SOS Requests.

This last cool thing is also related to the gear app on your smartphone. Open gear app from your phone select setting then select Send SOS requests. So what you will do in here you can add multiple contacts in here. You just need 3-time press your smartwatch home button it will send SOS request to your pre-data main contacts They will get your location, They will get the message there you travel or something and that you need help. From your phone select Send SOS messages to- your Brother, Father, Mother or anyone. Than select SOS calls to select anyone. Press on Count down before sending it will be count down before sending call or message, In this time you can cancel this call or text.

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